Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fire Season

No, this is not a picture of a cloudy day, nor is it the typical mid-western haze.  This is the result of a forest fire many miles to the north and west of Prairie Cairn Cottage.  Yes, this is smoke brought in by the ever present winds on the prairie.  It smells just like a camp fire when you go outside. 

The fires in the West are heart breaking but not unexpected.  It was a mild winter followed by a bone dry spring.  One of my great fears is a grass fire on the prairie.  It almost happened the weekend before last.  A careless driver is suspected of throwing a lit cigarette out of the window on the interstate.  It burned 60 acres of prairie and came within just a couple of miles from Prairie Cairn Cottage.  Too close for comfort in my book.

One good thing that comes from fires is the beautiful sunsets they create through all the smoke.

I am praying for rain (but no lightening) in all of the fire prone states and for the safety of not only the people who live in the fire paths but the brave men and women who volunteer to fight these fires.  We do live in a country that abounds with quiet, unsung heroes don't you think?   

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