Monday, July 23, 2012

Checking in from the Temporary Cottage

The company is putting us up in the little town of Fairview, MT.  It is right on the border of Montana and North Dakota and the house we are in actually is in North Dakota.  Nice farm country that is experiencing a huge oil boom.  There are so many workers here there is not enough housing for them all.  Enterprising farmers have converted parts of their fields into make shift RV parks.  RV’s are everywhere; a couple tucked in by a barn, 10 lined up in a row by the silos.  Then there are the man-camps.  These look more like minimum security quarters of a prison.  But they provide beds and meals for tired and hungry oil workers.  The company we work for bought a house with some land and has put up some 3 bedroom duplex trailers and some RV spots.  Most of these will be used for their workers.  Those that won’t will be rented out. 
The energy of all of these workers is palpable.  Cars and trucks rushing to and fro; the traffic is horrendous.  Trucks carrying either oil or supplies or grain and farm supplies are followed by pickup trucks and cars, all on two lane highways.  But somehow everything seems to work.  I think everyone knows the situation and most are grateful to have good paying jobs.
The weather has been hot but not unbearable.  I was surprised the first morning by the humidity.  I have lived all my life in very dry locations with summer vacations in Missouri and Arkansas so the humidity is just adding to my feeling of being on vacation.  It’s not bad humidity; somewhere around 50% so not something that sucks the life out of you. 
I would love to share pictures with you but foolishly didn’t bring anything to download them off of my camera.  I hope you are having a summer of new experiences also.  Little Black Brindle and I will bring more stories from the temporary North Eastern Prairie Cairn Cottage.           

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