Friday, July 13, 2012

Tea Time and a Confession

Our short trip was cut even shorter when we got done with our business by early yesterday.  We decided to drive back to Prairie Cairn Cottage that afternoon rather than waiting until morning.  While we were in the Big City we stopped and purchased some of my favorite tea, PG Tips.  So this morning, rather than racing back to the Cottage, I awoke in the Cottage and was able to settle in and wake up with a steaming pot of tea.  Now that is my ideal of a good start to the day!

The red tea pot in the picture is the latest addition to a collection I didn't even realize I had.  A post on my favorite online forum, here, a few years back about a Farmgirl's tea pot collection led me to think I had a couple of tea pots also.  They were stashed here and there and by the time I found them all and counted them up I was astounded at how many I actually had.  Why, I too had a collection!  When we moved from our home of many years into Prairie Cairn Cottage, I utilized those tea pots to help give the cottage a cozy feel.

Some more pots that have recently been used

A pot not with the collection is one I inherited from my Grandmother.  Notice the art deco feel to this beauty?

These are only some of the collection.  I still have some pots that aren't displayed or used.  Every once in awhile I think about it and am astounded how many pots I actually have and yet I'll see another one that speaks to me (like my latest red tea pot above).  I guess that is how collections get started. 

The pot that started it all for me is one I purchased as a young girl from a flea market sponsored by the Girl Scouts in my home town.  It was the first purchase I made from money I had saved.  This little pot caught my eye and I knew I had to have it.  Even though this is not a tea pot but a chocolate pot, it remains my very favorite.

 Won't you join me in a "cuppa" at Prairie Cairn Cottage?  One lump or two?

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