Friday, July 6, 2012


Prairie Cairn Cottage seems to be the place to raise a family.  I've told you before about the Mama fox and her two kits living in the culvert that separates our property from our neighbor.  They must have decided that this was a prize location because we came home to this one night about a week ago

Mama fox and both babies were sitting on top of it.  As we approached babies scurried underground and Mama took off running.  Since the first sitting of this den we've seen the babies several times sunning themselves on the dirt

We also see these two quite often.  Sadly, Mama antelope's back leg is broken and is completely unusable.  It doesn't seem to affect her though, she runs very well on her three good legs.  We wonder what happened to her though and wish her and her baby well.

Little Black Brindle is becoming very settled in his new home.  He goes and supervises his chicks several times each day and tries his best to keep the ground squirrels in check.  They are getting quite fat on the chicken buffet feed.    He has yet to catch one but he knows where they hide.  It's only a matter of time.

Summer is in full swing at Prairie Cairn Cottage. 

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