Thursday, September 27, 2012

You say your commute to work is rough?

Living in the country and working in the city requires a rather lengthy commute.  We did, however, think we'd leave the headaches of the drive we used to endure behind.  But we have found it's the same type of problems no matter where you are driving. 

There, of course, is the traffic jam...
And the bull that comes with it...

There is always someone racing around because you weren't going fast enough...
Don't forget to look out for that eye in the sky...

The impatient drivers are a real headache...
Despite such problems, I wouldn't trade living at Prairie Cairn Cottage.  Thanks for visiting with us today.  I hope your commute home is pleasant.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Bringing the garden indoors

I found some lovely looking herbs at a Sprouts store in Denver this past week.  They were 3 for $10.00 which I didn't think was a bad price for such nice looking plants.  I bought a Sweet Marjoram, a Lemon Thyme and a Dill.  Since my garden was a bust this year about the only things that did well were the herbs I had planted the year before.  I thought I'd try my hand at indoor herbs.

Lovely Lavender in the garden.  Did I mention before the weeds have over run the garden?  Well, don't look too closely at the edges!
Serious Sage.  If you haven't grown herbs, I recommend trying a sage.  They are very easy to grow and give great satisfaction to a new gardener (and tastes great on that Thanksgiving turkey).

I've always been fascinated by herb gardens.  They are my favorite areas to visit at public gardens.  Right now I only have culinary herbs, the sage & lavender from above and a regular thyme, an oregano, a winter savory and lemon balm.  I hope to expand the plants in my herb garden and to also start a medicinal herb garden and a tea garden as well.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Toy

I alluded to this in a previous post so here at long last is the revealing of my new toy.  A dear woman from church actually gave me this and is giving me lessons on how to use it.  It is a knitting machine!  I am a tediously slow hand knitter and would love to be faster.  I volunteered to help out with the Covering Prayers Ministry (prayer shawls, baby blankets, etc...) at church and she was so delighted that she gave me this machine.  I'm only in my baby steps learning this new craft.  It is not at all like hand knitting!  The results are, but the process is far removed from each other.  I've only this past weekend been able to set this up and play around with it.  I knitted several rows well and then several rows had holes and dropped stitches.  But isn't everything we do a learning event?  One of these days I hope to post an actual completed project made by me! 

This next pictures are a wash cloth and one baby sock that my friend made while showing me the machine.  She did these in just moments!  When I hand knit a wash cloth it takes me about a month!

I still think I will be hand knitting for the shear satisfaction of the hand work but for making shawls or blankets, this machine may be the way to go.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Goodness!  Where does the time get too?  All is well here at Prairie Cairn Cottage but rather bland; busy yet nothing exciting.  Life in general I suppose and I'm grateful for a chance to just experience the gentle routine of everyday.

What remains of the garden (if you recall we got hailed out this year) still requires attention.  My herbs seem to thrive in the benign neglect they've received and the weeds have all but taken over.  I'm valiantly trying to reclaim the garden from the tumbleweeds but one can only do so much bending and pulling massive weeds before muscles spasms force them out of the game for the day.  Still, a little everyday makes a difference; I'm just hoping to be able to finish the task before the first snows. 
Little Black Brindle has taken over our hearts and home and I can't imagine life without him.  He and Tabby are getting along like best friends.  Tabby has made herself (his self?  We still don't know) at home and acts like there was never a time when it didn't live at Prairie Cairn Cottage.

The chicks have grown into dear sweet hens and are blessing us with at least one egg per day if not two.  I still think one is not laying yet but she should be any day now.  Little Pearl was always the smallest of the group so I expect she is still enjoying her last days of chickhood.
Crafting has taking a backseat to other chores at the moment but I do have an exciting new toy that I'll post on later.  You say you want me to give you a hint?  Well, it's something that will allow me to make my favorite knitted dish cloths in about 20 minutes as opposed to a month. 
So the last precious days of summer are being enjoyed and savored at Prairie Cairn Cottage.  I always get a bit melancholy at this time of year, knowing the days grow short and the nights grow longer.  Regretting lost chances of vine ripened tomatoes or getting fruit trees and bushes established before the winter cold sets in, not being able to decorate with the pumpkins I grew with my own hard work.  But there will other opportunities ahead, chili on a cold blustery day, hot apple cider sipped while watching the sun set.  One thing I have been saving for fall, a new recipe for Pumpkin Ice Cream that I have been dying to try.  I keep telling myself, patience dear one, pumpkin always tastes best in October and November.

I hope you are enjoying these last bits of summer.  And thank you for visiting with me at Prairie Cairn Cottage; I hope you'll come back.