Monday, September 24, 2012

Bringing the garden indoors

I found some lovely looking herbs at a Sprouts store in Denver this past week.  They were 3 for $10.00 which I didn't think was a bad price for such nice looking plants.  I bought a Sweet Marjoram, a Lemon Thyme and a Dill.  Since my garden was a bust this year about the only things that did well were the herbs I had planted the year before.  I thought I'd try my hand at indoor herbs.

Lovely Lavender in the garden.  Did I mention before the weeds have over run the garden?  Well, don't look too closely at the edges!
Serious Sage.  If you haven't grown herbs, I recommend trying a sage.  They are very easy to grow and give great satisfaction to a new gardener (and tastes great on that Thanksgiving turkey).

I've always been fascinated by herb gardens.  They are my favorite areas to visit at public gardens.  Right now I only have culinary herbs, the sage & lavender from above and a regular thyme, an oregano, a winter savory and lemon balm.  I hope to expand the plants in my herb garden and to also start a medicinal herb garden and a tea garden as well.

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