Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Antelope

Little Black Brindle and I came home the other day and saw two female antelopes on the property.  This is a frequent occurence so I didn't think too much of it until a much, much smaller antelope went bounding away.  I realized it was a pretty new little baby.  As luck would have it I was able to get some pictures before it went out of range.

I don't know why but the bottom picture of baby reminds me of young Rudolph in the Christmas movie classice, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  All this baby needs is a red ball on the end of his/her nose!

We've got one frequent visitor who is now so used to us being there it doesn't even bound away.  I went to check on the chicks one night and Little Black Brindle went with me.  As we stepped onto the front stoop there was our visitor about in the same location as this picture (yes, this is our visitor).  She looked at me and never flinched, I calmly reached down and picked up Little Black Brindle so he wouldn't give chase.  She still never moved.  I finally started to talk to her and told her gently that she needed to run away when she was that close to people since not all are as nice as me.  She graciously took the warning and left.  Wish I didn't have to do that but there was a story on the news this weekend of two antelopes being poached very close to town. 


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