Tuesday, June 5, 2012

God's Gifts

This past few days has been great for nature viewing.  Driving to work this morning, still in my neighborhood, I spotted this reclusive fellow.  He's a bit shy and would only let me take a picture of him from the forehead up, but if you look closely and imagine what the rest of him would look like you'd see a badger.
Just a mile or so down the road later, I spotted a new born antelope.  This baby was only a wee bit taller than little black brindle but no bigger in body or length.  As soon as my car approached, baby flatten to the ground and I couldn't get a picture. 

Last night, little black brindle was sleeping on the sofa when he instantly came to full alert position and started his bark/growl.  I wish I could record his alert, it's quite funny.  He sounds like something is broken and not functioning properly but it did the trick.  I started to calm him, telling him it was only the wind when I looked out our front picture window to this sight

This is the closest we've had an antelope come to the house.  So, broken his voice may be, little black brindle's nose is functioning quite well! 

I love the wildlife viewing we are afforded living where we do.  It may be miles of nothing but prairie but if you look closely you are likely to spot a coyote on the hunt or antelope grazing or today's gem of seeing the reclusive badger.

Since we don't have trees blocking the view, we are frequently blessed with spectacular sunsets.  This was from Sunday evening

And later that same night, we got a double treat of the near full moon peaking through the clouds
Prairie Cairn Cottage was a gift from our Heavenly Father and he lavishes us with other gifts daily.  I know he does the same for you, are you seeing the gifts he has for you?  If not, slow down and look for these gems, they are all around. 


  1. Love the badger photo - you knew he was living around there somewhere! Also, the sunset photo looks like a giant rat leaping through the sky. Glad you didn't get worse hail.

    1. You are right, it does look like a giant rat! Maybe he thinks the setting sun is a giant ball of cheese!