Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday catch up day

Who says those clerks at Walmart are not smart?  The one I talked to today was not only helpful, she knew a lot more about computers than me!  I went there for groceries and thought why not check the electronic area for a cable to get my pictures off of my camera.  She not only asked if she could help me, she brought me over to where I needed to be.  Then we both discovered they didn't have what I needed, but being a helpful person she said the other thing I could do is to ...(insert your guess here)... and then something about the memory stick.  Not being a techie person myself, I have no idea what she said but it jogged a memory that I had one of these handy memory stick slots on my printer at work.  I told her as much and she thought I could probably use that.

She was right and so at long last I can post those overdue pictures of the storm last week.

I know hail stones can and frequently do get larger but I thought these were of post worthy size!  Mind you, these are all different hailstones, not three pictures of the same ones!

And then to round out the pictures, here is Little Black Brindle being good as gold.

  Isn't he just the cutest?  Since he was a breeder in a puppy mill, we assume he is a Dad, so he's showing all Dad's out there how to spend their weekend!  Happy Father's Day from Prairie Cairn Cottage!


  1. it's so nice to find people, anywhere, who are so helpful and knowledgeable! And wow, those are some huge hailstones! Those things always make me nervous :)
    And what a precious, PRECIOUS little pup you have! Aw, what a sweetheart!

    1. Thanks Heather! I think he's pretty precious too!