Friday, June 8, 2012

Wild Night on the Prairie

The last couple of days have been rather nerve wracking.  We've been through 2 wild weather nights in two different states in 2 days.  We no sooner got home last night and got the car unpacked when a wicked storm system barrelled towards Prairie Cairn Cottage.  We got pummeled 4 separate times.  Once with peas size hail, then marble size hail.  Just when I thought the system was past us we got hit with 1 1/2 to 2" hail stones and finally one last time with more pea sized hail.  Two tornadoes were spotted not 4 miles from the house.  Needless to say we spent a tense hour in the basement with the weather radio. 

Luckily the chicks were in their coop already when I ran and checked on them so they got locked in for the duration of the storm.  I don't think they would have fared well being hit with 1 1/2" hail stones.  I took pictures of the large hail stones and would like to share them with you today, however, little black brindle has an addiction to chewing on computer cables and I am unable to download my new pictures.  I will have to get them posted next week.  But all is well and there was not too much damage to Prairie Cairn Cottage.  The bedding plants that were to go into the cottage garden have been wiped out.  I have not checked on the existing plants yet but the trees around the cottage only suffered minor damage so I'm hoping the strawberries and raspberries were spared.  I am debating whether to purchase replacement bedding plants or not.  I am leaning towards not and trying my luck with some of the short season seeds I already have.



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