Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fair Time

We went to the Richland County Fair tonight.  What a fun little outing.  We got to see 4H horses, cows, poultry and swine.  They were showing the rabbits so we stopped and watched a couple of the entrants.  The exhibits showed that there are some very talented young people in this county.  There were handmade quilts galore and aprons and dresses; jars of preserves, loaves of breads and fat round cookies; scrapbook pages and other paper art, pictures of friends, family, pets and wildlife. 

I love county fairs.  I always felt deprived because my family never went to fairs when I was young and when I finally could take myself as an adult, the county we lived in tore down the fairgrounds and didn't rebuild them for many years.  When they did finally rebuild they built a horse race track but never brought back the fair.

Do you have fair memories?  I'd love to hear how many of you have ribbons won at your local fair.   

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