Monday, August 6, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

We got back to Prairie Cairn Cottage late Friday.  Everything was ship shape thanks to our caregivers.  I went to see the chicks and I do believe they were happy to hear my voice again.  Or could it be that they are just friendly birds?  I'll go with them happy to see me!  Little Black Brindle was ecstatic to be back on his home turf!  He ran around and checked on everything.

We did bring home a new addition to the Cottage.  When we first arrived at Prairie Cairn North, I opened the garage door to the house and there was this little creature.  Don't know how it got in the garage or how it survived but I released it that same night.  I think the poor thing was abandoned or lost as it never left, just kept coming back.  Finally on Saturday we went and bought necessities. 

We spent 2 weeks looking for the owner.  No one claimed it, no lost ad, no posters.  So, it looks like we belong to a cat once again.  We brought Tabby back to Prairie Cairn Cottage and so far so good.  

It's good to be home, even when it's a new home for some. 

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