Friday, August 10, 2012

Home Ground Beef

I know a lot of you are already doing this, but I finally jumped on the bandwagon of grinding my own hamburger when I picked up a package of pre-ground at the big box retailer and read the label.  Vague terms like "all natural ingredients" were predominantly posted on the label.  Then I saw that it was packaged in S. D. and that triggered a memory of a former big named politician from S. D. doing a tour of one of the plants that made "pink slime".  Even though this big box retailer stated that it doesn't sell hamburger that contains "pink slime", I quickly put that package back on the shelf and walked towards the roasts.  I picked up a chuck roast with some nice fat on it and put that in my grocery cart (or buggy as my Momma called them-but that's a topic for a whole different post).

I sliced the roast into small chunks, fed the chunks through the food grinder attachment of my Kitchen Aid Mixer and voila!  Home ground beef.  I had enough for two good size burgers and another pound went into the freezer for a future meal. 

 The color alone of the home ground beef made me a believer!  It was rosy and fresh looking, unlike some commercial packaged beef which can be almost brown in the middle.  I fired up the gas grill outside and cooked the two burgers.  Divine!  It actually tasted of beef.  I don't know what they use in the pre-packaged chuck hamburger, but it sure never tastes this good! 

If you haven't done this little experiment for yourself I urge you to do so.  It may be more expensive but knowing what is in my hamburger, how fresh it was when it was ground and how good it tastes makes it worth the extra cost in my opinion.  Little Black Brindle gave it two paws up!

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