Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Road Trip

Everybody in?  Seat belts secure?  Do we have the necessary snacks and beverages?  Any last minute potty breaks before we start the car? 

Tomorrow, we are off to visit my sister in the opposite corner of the state.  Almost 400 miles away.  My youngest nephew is not only graduating from high school but he is having a ceremony to commemorate his becoming an Eagle Scout.  He is becoming a fine upstanding young man and we are all very proud of him.

Little Black Brindle has never experienced a pleasure road trip before.  He did get carted by van from his puppy mill in Missouri all the way to his foster home in Minnesota but he was crated the whole way and I would imagine, very fearful.  His next big jaunt to his fur-ever home was by air.  This will be an experience for him as he has never had to be in the car longer than 2 hours with us.  But we've planned for several stops for leg lifting and general walk abouts and we will bring along his favorite snacks and toys.  I think he'll enjoy the visit. 

Enjoy your holiday and we'll see you next week back at Prairie Cairn Cottage!

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