Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving Day

Remember those cute, fuzzy little balls of chicks? 

In just 7 short weeks, they have become juvenile chickens and want nothing more than to have plenty of food, plenty of clean water and fun regardless of the risks involved. 
Several times over the past few weeks, these dare devils would fly up and perch on the edge of the cardboard box they were housed in.  And several times over the same past few weeks, little brindle dog almost had a fresh chicken dinner!  One time his nose got in the way and he wound up pushing the chicken back in the box before his sharp ivory teeth could close in on all of those feathers.  Luckily, no bird or dog was harmed in the writing of this post!

Also during these same few weeks, my ever so handy husband and I have been diligently, moving, trenching and securing wire to the temporary coop, knowing it was time to evict these chicken squatters.  We got everything prepared and had planned on the move this past Monday.  Alas!  The weather laughed at our plans for we woke to this lovely scene
Tuesday was a clear day but cold and we thought we'd best not shock these little chicken systems.  But all good things must come to an end.  Little did these future biddies know, all house guests, no matter how big or small, furred or feathered, wears out his/her/their welcome and will be asked to leave.  Such was the case at Prairie Cairn Cottage today.  The girls were told that their new home was ready and would they please leave forthwith!  With much squawking of fear and disbelief, their once secure and familiar box was carted outside and put in the new temporary coop.  One by one they were scooped up, petted and reassured and placed down on the dirt next to their food and water.  After overcoming their shock at this rude treatment, they began to explore and then finally, they felt at ease and it was time to inspect their new abode.  
  I just hope we have done all we could to secure them from predators but I guess only time will tell us that.  Tonight will be their first night outdoors and I worry they will get too cold, but chickens are meant for outdoor living and so it is with the flock at Prairie Cairn Cottage. 

Check back often for updates on the girls.

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