Monday, May 14, 2012

Fence Building

We spent the weekend putting up a 3 rail fence in the back yard of Prairie Cairn Cottage.  Trenching, digging holes, placing posts and rails.  My ever so handy husband did most of the heavy work but I did a fair share of lifting posts into position then fastening the rails.  We like to call this project the Cairn Containment System.  It will soon give little black brindle a safe place to spend sunbathing.  The pile of wood in the 2nd picture is another project.  A dear friend gave us his no longer wanted gazebo.  Check back for progress on that project.

I thought you might like some updates on previous posts.  I love the laundry soap I made.  It works great and I will definitely make some more when this batch runs out.

The chickens are loving their new home.  They were a bit cramped in the cardboard box they were brooded in.  They have a nice secure yard they can run around in and a cozy coop where they can dream chicken dreams.  Moths are adding entertainment to their days as well as being a tasty snack!  Little black brindle has taken it upon himself to check on them every chance he can.  He fancies himself quite the chicken wrangler.  
Another busy but satisfying weekend at Prairie Cairn Cottage.

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