Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yes, this is our little cottage.  As you can see it's on the prairie.  God blessed us mightily with this home.  We bought it last year...at a government auction...for a fabulous price.  But it was only the house and the 40 acres that surrounds it.  No outbuildings, no garage, no fencing, and only a primitive road leading to it.  It does have electricity, water and now propane, but no phone which limits our Internet and TV service.  We get great cell coverage so that takes care of the phone.  There's not much on TV as far as we're concerned so our over-the-air antenna takes care of what TV viewing we do.  Internet?  Well, let's just say we are working on that.

When we bought it, our Cairn was this little guy.   Sadly, we had to say goodbye to him last November.  I'm still weepy eyed over his loss.  I cherish his memory and think of him daily.  He was my constant companion.  Only a few days of his life did he not live it with me.  He was my walking buddy and we enjoyed our time together very much.

Now we share our cottage with this guy.  He is helping me over my grief and is a lovely little Cairn.  He is a puppy mill rescue and as such, he has no manners.  Despite all of that he is a good little doggy and a pleasure to get to know.  If you love Cairns and would like to help a Cairn in need of a home check out cairnrescue.com/

Although brief, I hope you enjoyed your stay at Prairie Cairn Cottage.  We should be bringing you updates on the improvements to the cottage and the Cairn.

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