Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beans and Corn Bread

Yum!  I've been craving Pinto Beans lately.  My Momma was a southern Texas gal and this was one of her specialties.  She cooked hers in a pressure cooker and they were always tender and delicious.  You can make them lots of different ways.  This time, I sauteed some onions and garlic added that to 2 cups of dried Pinto Beans in my crock pot, added a large pork hock and a smidgeon of salt and loads of pepper, covered it all in plenty of water and cooked it around 30 hours.  Yes, that does sound like a long time!  They were still pretty tough when dinner time rolled around so I let them cook the rest of the night.  The next morning they were done but would take too long to cool down before I went to work so I left them on.  I don't think you can over cook beans, these were delicious!
And you absolutely must have Corn Bread with your Pinto Beans!  With loads of real butter.  Momma use to cook hers in a square cast iron skillet but my cast irons were not handy so I just used one of my Magnalite skillets I inherited from my Mother In Law.  Not quite the way Momma would have made, but I was pleased with the results.

We had plenty of leftovers so I'll be reheating these for dinner tonight.  What are some of your dinners that remind you of loved ones?  

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