Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Entertain Your Cat

Cat TV
The Nature Channel on Cat TV
Notice the snow caves they are making to keep them out of the wind.
Doesn't this fellow look like he's commuting to work?

Meadow Lark with Horned Lark in background


Mourning Dove

White-Crowned Sparrow

Brewer's Blackbirds
What a time we had a Prairie Cairn Cottage yesterday!  May 1st and we had yet another snow storm dumping an additional 15"!  This storm didn't have the winds with it so not near the drifting problems we've had with the other two storms.  I noticed that in the bare spots of the back yard the Horned Larks were coming in droves to shelter themselves and find food.  As the day progressed more species arrived.  I haven't seen this variety of birds in a very long while so Tabby and I had a great time watching them and picking out the new arrivals.  I even went out and spread some bird seed on the ground for the seed eaters. 

I am ready for spring to arrive though.  The seasons seem to be mixed up this year on the prairie.  We had a very dry winter so the moisture in these last 3 storms have been very, very welcome.  Soon the color will burst forth on the prairie and we should have a spectacular wildflower season.

Thanks for visiting the Cottage today. 


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