Monday, June 3, 2013

A Resident of Prairie Cairn Cottage is Famous

Happy June to you all.  Little Black Brindle has some very exciting news to share with everyone!  He is on youtube in a video made by his rescue group, Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue.  Watch it and see him 14 seconds into the video:

Make sure to look for this picture

His foster Mom took this picture the day she put him on the plane so he could come live at Prairie Cairn Cottage.  He knew he was on his way to his forever home and couldn't wait!  It was a sad day for his foster Mom but a very happy day for me!  A day that changed my life for the better. 

Colonel Potter is also doing a fund raiser auction.  I just got this email today:

Col. Potter is proud to present the first annual Father's Day Festival.

We are happy to be able to show all our little boy dogs who spent so much time in unsavory conditions, that we love them. So we are taking this opportunity to honor our own volunteer father's and raise some much needed money for Cairn Rescue at the same time.

The Auction will end Sunday June 9, 2013 starting at 5PM EST. You can see all the wonderful items at:

Please feel free to cross post far and wide. Please send this to anyone who has a dog or who ever had a father!!
Colonel Potter is the best!  Thanks coming to see the happenings at Prairie Cairn Cottage today!

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