Monday, March 25, 2013

Sew Close

The Mission's Dinner was Friday but alas, I was unable to complete my muumuu in time.  I am having a wee bit of trouble with the yoke.  I have either had to reposition it, cut it down or just flat out re-sew it 7 times now.  Ai yi yi!  I think I might finally have it fitted properly and pinned in the proper place.  I basted it and tried it on and it seems fine.  I even got it sewn in place but then horror or horrors, I had gotten it all bunched up under the presser foot and sewn together so out came the seam rippers once again.  That's when I gave up trying to complete it for the Dinner and went on to plan B for my Hawaiian Luau attire.

I've had the most difficult time just getting the yoke in the proper position.  My fabric looks the same on the wrong side and I think that has a lot to do with my confusion.  I'd get it pinned in place only to realize the shoulder seam would face the wrong way so I would pull out all the pins and re position it.  I even basted it down once only to realize I had positioned it on the wrong side of the dress.  Talk about frustrating!  But it's in the correct position now and basted down and tried on and everything looks right as rain so if I sew it very carefully in place, I might be able to move on to the next step. 

I had always planned on using this as a summer dress so even though I missed the Dinner, I still plan on completing it.  I'll post the finished masterpiece when it's ready.

I was also very pleased to remember as much as I did about sewing clothes.  My 7th grade Home Ec class was quite long ago but I had only forgotten a few items which I had to look up on the internet.  Just like with all new activities I think the more I sew the easier it will be to sew.
This was the dessert I made for the Dessert Auction.  Apart from being a bit lopsided in this picture, I was quite please with how it came out.  I found two of these cake stands at a local thrift and bought both.  I used one to take to the auction and am keeping the other.  My inspiration for this cake can be found here.

I did so enjoy your visit to Prairie Cairn Cottage today, I hope you come back soon.


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