Monday, October 29, 2012

Visitor to the Coop

I am suffering from a bit of a head cold and have been going around the cottage in a antihistamine stupor.  This weekend I went out to tend to the girls.  While filling their feeder I saw out of the corner of my eye a visitor to the coop.  My mind played a bit of a trick on me for awhile and I thought I was seeing a fifth chicken, this one being very dark.  Part of my brain told me "but you only have four chickens" the other part of my brain was saying, "it must be a chicken, it's the same size and it's eating the chicken feed".  Finally having a lucid moment I realized what I was seeing was not a 5th chicken but Little Black Brindle in with the chicks!  He was being very good and not being aggressive towards the ladies one bit.  I scooted back inside to fetch my camera and got these shots.

Hey!  Who's in my house?

A hasty exit

After sniffing a few chicken butts he was not at all interested in them, just their food and water.  He went in several times to check out the coop.  All seemed to be in order and acceptable.  

I would caution you to not try this at your cottage, with your terrier.  Most terriers have a very hard prey drive and will chase and kill anything that flees.  I think Little Black Brindle is just a very gentle Cairn and loves other animals.  

All's well that ends well at Prairie Cairn Cottage!  We hope you stop back by and visit with us again out on the Prairie.


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