Monday, October 1, 2012

Construction is finally underway

Yes, at long last, the construction has begun for the permanent coop.  And none too soon it seems, later this week we are expected to be near freezing for the nighttime lows and possibly snow.
The girls got a rare treat while my ever so handy husband and I were out on the job site.  This is the first time they got to be free range birds.  Well, they thought they were free range.  In reality, they got to run in the confines of the fenced back yard.  But the yard is ever so much bigger than the 10 x 10 dog run we currently have them in. 

Having the girls, I now understand why being "chicken" means you are afraid.  Anything new in their pen or having the gate to their pen open is new to them and therefore frightening.  But we let them explore on their own and pretty soon they found their way to the yard and then they were in heaven eating bugs, weeds and taking dirt baths.
Hey!  That's my yard!
Life was good at Prairie Cairn Cottage this weekend.  I hope your weekend was good to you as well.


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