Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Embracing Changes

Lots has happened at Prairie Cairn Cottage.  As you can tell from the last two post, not all changes are good. We sadly lost a very good neighbor to the war in Afghanistan. He had left his loving wife and newborn daughter only three months before his tragic death. And Little Black Brindle was diagnosed with a life threatening condition this Spring. He has improved with medication but his condition has not changed. The medication has just reduced swelling of his throat so he is breathing better. Please continue to pray for my poor sweet pup.

My Master Gardeners class was very interesting and I was looking forward to trying some new things I had learned. I had gotten my required additional volunteer and training hours in early which is a good thing because my Ever So Handy Husband got offered a job in a different field and was put on a 12 month project in Wisconsin. Rather than stay home and be lonely we closed down the cottage, packed up our small motor home, the dog and the cat and a few kitchen items and headed out for Central Wisconsin.

The last weeks Prairie Cairn Cottage has been reduced to less than 220 square feet! We like to think of it as the Cozy Cairn Cottage. But not to worry Cozy Cairn Cottage will be relocating to a more "spacious" 2 bedroom apartment home soon. The fun part is we didn't know where we were going to wind up or when so we didn't bring anything but a few kitchen items. Now I get to go out and furnish the new cottage. How fun is this going to be?

Cozy Cairn Cottage

Where the heck are we?

What happened to being a free range dog?

Life on the road

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