Sunday, October 20, 2013


Blech!  My Mom say I gots skunked this mornin, wha-ever dat means.  I just knows all a sudden I smells really bad and it was makin me crazies!  One minute everting is normals and da next I's feels like I gots this stuff all over my furs and I's couldn't wipe it off!  I's tried everting a Cairn could think.  I tries ta wipe it off on da grass, I tries ta wipe it off ona straw bale but nottin worked.  All 'cuza dat new kitties I's sees this mornin.  I don't gets it, I like kitties, whys this one gotta spray that stuff all overs me? 

My Mom den gives a boy a bath with dis fizzy stuff.  I's didn't cares, I's wanted dat stuffs offa mys furs.  My Mom says ta tells yous it was:
   1 quarts hy-dro-gen per-ox-ide
   1/4 cups bakin sodas
   1 teaspoons Dawn
She gets a boy wet in da tub an den rubs dis stuff all overs ma bodies.  Den I's just gots to sit der for awhiles.  Den she gets ma shampoos and goes overs ma bodies agains.  Den I's gets sprayed down reals good and den I's gets a toweling. 

I's feels much better but now I's gonna go take a naps.

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