Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowed In

The poor dears!  I went to unlock the coop this morning and found a foot of snow surrounding the coop.  I was able to get their door open but they took one step out onto the ramp and turned around and went right back in.

We didn't get all that much snow yesterday and last night but the ever present blowing winds of Wyoming dumped what little we got all around the coop.  Well, needless to say we stayed home ourselves and had church right in our living room thanks to modern technology.  If you are ever in need of some church on Sunday morning at 9:00 mountain time tune into this website and click on the "Watch Live".

After church and a little lunch I decided to venture back out to the coop.  Before heading out the door Little Black Brindle wisely put on the ranch coat he got for Christmas.  Off to the coop we trudged.  Twice as much snow greeted us and one poor hen was stuck on the roof of the coop!  This beautiful girl had gone into molt several weeks back and since then the other biddies have not been nice to her.  I'm sure she ventured out in search of food and water and her mean sisters wouldn't let her back in.  Poor thing had ice crystals on her feathers and blowing snow on her little chicken butt.

I then did what any good chicken mom would do, I went back to the house and got the snow shovel and began to dig them out.  I also brushed the snow off of the roof and put some food up there for her as well as on the ground for the only other brave hen.  Little Black Brindle helped himself to the dried meal worms I put down. 

The winds are still whipping around the Cottage so I will have to go back out in a few hours and make sure all is well with the girls.  But we are blessed to still have power and a nice warm cottage with plenty of food and water and a day in which we can rest.  The winds are supposed to lighten up tomorrow so perhaps then we can venture out and see if the roads are passable.


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