Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Little Black Brindle and I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.  Even during these troubled time there is much to be thankful for.  Some of the blessings my Ever So Handy Husband and I are thankful for are:

On November 19th, Little Black Brindle celebrated his one year anniversary of freedom from his life in a puppy mill.  We are very thankful that God sent us this little bundle of love and are looking forward to his first Thanksgiving with a family that loves him dearly. 

We've also been blessed with 4 hard working and entertaining chicks.  They have been a huge source of pleasure since their arrival.  Watching them grow and learning about chick behavior, eating their delicious fresh eggs and marveling at their adaptability to cold weather have been highlights of their life here at Prairie Cairn Cottage.

We are thankful to have found Tabby this summer and to have this added life at the Cottage.  Tabby and Little Black Brindle are best buddies now.  They play together and take turns chasing each other all around the Cottage.

And of course we are thankful for Prairie Cairn Cottage itself.  We still marvel that we are here in this wonderful place.  The views and sunrises and sunsets are unimaginably beautiful.  The cottage has kept us safe and sheltered and the living on the prairie has made us learn and grow. 

So from all of us here at Prairie Cairn Cottage, we wish you and yours a most blessed Thanksgiving.


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